About Us
Late Dr.Shridhar Raghunath Lele
M.Sc, Ph.D.(London)
(1909 - 1969)

In the year 1939 Late Dr. Sridhar Raghunath Lele world renowned Glass Technologist started a company by the name of M/s. Industrial & Engineering Apparatus Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd. to indigenously produce borosilicate glass for the first time in india.

In the year 1939, this company was reformed under the name of "M/s. Borosil Glass Works Ltd" to produce "Corning" brand 32 expansion pyrex type Borosilicate glass under the Chairmanship of Dr. S R Lele.

In the year 1968, "M/s. Silica Ware Pvt. Ltd." was formed to manufacture custom made
Apparatus & Instruments with aim of Import substitution.

Since Then, Silica Ware is Run by a Family of Talented Professionals and Scientists and Engineers since 3 Generation, who have tried to create a Business Culture with Practical Approach with Continuous Improvement in Quality and Application of Modern Techniques For a Yeomen service to the Indian & International Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry.